Using Cacao



Ceremonial Cacao Preparation

Choose your dose of Ceremonial Cacao (we prefer 25- 30 grams daily)

14-16 grams Sensitive to stimulants and introduction dose

20 - 25 grams Meditation, creativity, gentle daily ritual 

28 - 32 grams Deeper connection, ritual and ceremony

34 - 38 grams A strong introduction to a ceremonial dose

42 - 45 grams Pure Ceremonial dose



1 cup Good quality water (or substitute 1/2 water & 1/2 non dairy milk)

1/2 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon Coconut Nectar, honey, panela, maple syrup or natural sweetener (Cacao is naturally bitter so people prefer to sweeten it)

Pinch Cinnamon or Cayenne pepper

*Optional  add ins - 1 tsp Maca powder, Medicinal Mushrooms,

1/2 to 1 tbsp Coconut Oil


In a saucepan place the water and bring to a point before simmer then add your preferred amount of cacao (you can also boil the kettle and let the water cool a little before pouring onto the cacao straight into the blender).

Using low heat the Cacao will melt quickly Our cacao begins to melt at 35 degrees so it does not need to be on the heat for long (ensure it doesn't come to a boil - stirring so the cacao doesn't stick to the bottom and burn). Once Cacao is melting transfer to the blender. In the blender add the cacao & water mix, along with the rest of the ingredients as you please (we recommend starting with less and adding more as you like, especially with the sweetener. Some people choose not to use any sweetener)

Blend on medium to high speed briefly until the cacao is creamy and thick.

Pour into  a cup , sit with reverence for the spirit of Cacao in your heart, set your intention and enjoy your meditation, intentional activity, creativity or ceremony space.



Ceremonial Cacao is all about intention and presence.

* Before you begin working with your Ceremonial Cacao we invite you to first please read the 'About Cacao' page so that you can create a deeper connection to what Ceremonial Cacao is and its wisdom keepers.

Working with your Ceremonial Cacao

Once you have prepared your Ceremonial Cacao we invite you to take a moment to pause and honour the land and lineage of Cacao, the journey it has made to your home, and honour the wisdom keepers and custodians of Ceremonial Cacao.

Then we invite you to set an intention, offer a prayer, make a personal declaration, recite some affirmations to pour your connection to your cacao and connect it to the spirit and essence of cacao and what you intend. You can do this with cacao sitting in front of you, or held at the heart, or on your altar or alternatively you can place your hand over the cacao and let that energy run from you to the cacao. You can also recite or feel your intention and then use your breathe to connect it with the cacao through a gentle breathe out onto your cup of cacao.



Ceremonial Cacao is a plant medicine that connects us to the elements. We invite you to take some time to drink your cacao as you pray, call upon, set intentions and share your awareness with the elements and directions. We encourage you to use this in a way that is aligned with you and your lineage, or the land you are on. Here is an example that Sammi likes to use.

We like to honour and connect first to the Sacred East, to the rising sun, the light of life, to the innocence and childlike joy and wonder of this day, to the Sacred fire, to transmutation, warmth and nourishment, to the eagle, condor, to taking the higher path, opening ourselves to higher perspective, to the illuminated heart and the fire of our heart. To soar to freedom on the winds of the East. May my heart shine light upon the life, may the fire within me burn brightly to guide me forward.

Then to the Sacred South, to Mother earth, to the crystals, minerals and elements of the earth, to kundalini, to the cosmic serpent and the Sacred snake. To renewal, to staying close to the earth, womb to womb, living with our footsteps in union with the earth, may we tread lightly, softly. May we listen with our feet and walk in union with the beat of our own heart, shedding our skin as we need to just like the Sacred serpent. May we realise and stand in our Sacred power, in this body temple. May I stay close to the earth and take all the opportunities she gives me to listen, to walk with her, to be nourished and prosper. To thrive in this body temple.

Then to the Sacred West, to the Sacred waters, to purification, to the womb of all life, all potential, to the keeper of life, to the Jaguar, puma, to discernment within the realms of potential, to be comfortable in the unknown, to walk into our shadows to evolve. To bathe in the life force of water, to heal the waters of our bodies, to feel the power of the water of our planet. To purify, to heal, to surrender. As we surrender to the Sacred west we trust the unknown to carry us home. May I surrender that which doesn't serve me in this Sacred moment, may the waters create new life, new thought, new awareness to grow what serves me. To trust and give myself to the unknown, to the greatest potential of my soul.

The to the Sacred North, to the Sacred air, the breath of life, to the beginning and end, to consciously breathe in this moment and share that breath, to the ancestors and our lineage of wisdom keepers, to the smoke that spirals up carrying Sacred messages, to the hummingbird who reminds us to have courage and to drink of the sweetness of life. May my words be impeccable and align with my dream of this life. May I drink the sweetness of life in every moment, may I connect, play and send smoke to the spirits to live in alignment.

Then to that above us - the sun, the moon, the star constellations and soul constellations, to expanded realms and dimensions above us, to the winged ones and soaring to our freedom.

Then to that below us - the earth, middle earth, to all our relations. To the endless giving, nourishment and creative power available to us.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

May all beings be happy and free.



Once you have prepared your Ceremonial Cacao we invite you to take a moment to pause and honour the land and lineage of Cacao, and honour the wisdom keepers and custodians of Ceremonial Cacao and connect to the land that you are on now.

Find a spot and drink your Ceremonial Cacao mindfully, with presence. Whether this is on your own at your altar, in nature, with great conversation and connection with your friends. Take the time to use your Ceremonial Cacao as a ritual to slow down, connect deeper to the present moment and be with life. Breathe, give thanks, connect.



Once you have prepared your Ceremonial Cacao we invite you to take a moment to pause and honour the land and lineage of Cacao, and honour the wisdom keepers and custodians of Ceremonial Cacao and connect to the land that you are on now.

Find a space where you can be present, even if you have children moving around you, let them into your practice, and as you drink your Ceremonial Cacao take the time to reflect on gratitudes. To the love of life that keeps your family nourished, to the earth that holds you, the endless abundance reflected to you through nature, to the money that circulates with love to you, to the house and projects that provide for your families wellbeing, to the ideas that help you thank big. Being thankful for the courage to speaking confidently, to share your truth, to the people and places that support you.

What are all the things you are grateful for. Sammi likes to combine this with the elements and directions - thanks for the air I breathe that is clear and nourishing, to the joy and play that keeps appearing in my life, to the fire that warms my food and home, to the higher realms always guiding me to see life through new perspectives, to the moon for reminding me I am cyclic and change is welcome and I flow with ease each day, to the impeccable choice of my words to create my dream and my life.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.